DDK Universal Relief Fund (DUREF) which is an initiative that focuses on handling decentralized charity programs and helping those in need as in fully utilizing DDK Blockchain platform which doing the Peer-To-Peer (P2P) method.

Duref Objectives

DUREF is established to cooperate with other NGOs in operating any activities of public interest.

DUREF shall be impartial in supporting and promoting of humanitarian mission.

Helps to ease the DDK Stakeholders that in needs while facing some trials and sufferings due to economic downturn.

DUREF Responsibilities

Constantly undertaking initiatives to raise awareness and education on ongoing humanitarian aid.
Constantly raising awareness of donations within & outside DDK community on the importance of raising funds for charity purposes.
Collaborates with NGOs to carry out activities that help with humanitarian missions.
Help DDK Stakeholders fully utilizing cryptocurrency for the ease of living.
Observed the transparency of the activities and transactions of funds distribution by presenting it using DDK Explorer & DDK official media channel.

Interested To Be A Donor?

Kindly scan the QR Code below and send your DDK to DUREF Wallet for distribution.

Duref Wallet: 3065845319090801282


Check all the transactions in DUREF account on below link.




The COVID-19 special Aid is an initiative of DUREF and DDK Foundation to reduce the burden of the community during Movement Control Order (MCO) / Locked Down. This special provision of support is for the DDK community who are affected by this outbreak.

Applicants Requirements

DDK Stakeholders that in need is compulsory to have awareness and understanding of utilizing Global Exchanges that listed DDKOIN for liquidating purposes as DUREF are using DDKOIN for the method of funds distribution.

DDK Stakeholders who work but have lost their source of income or are unpaid during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

DDK Stakeholders that have been detected positive COVID-19 and being warded or under quarantine by the country's Ministry of Health.

No other options of COVID-19 aid and suffered from the current situation.


Not DDK Stakeholders.

Unemployed or no business operated before the Movement Control Order (MCO) / Locked Down.

Unable to provide proof of documents as required by DUREF

Application Method

Only completed online application form will be processed by our team. Please click on the link below for registration.

Required Documents

Screenshot of DDK Address together with QR Code

Passport or country Identity Card.

For salaried employment, you need to provide your current payslips and proofs of document that you are terminated / reduced salary during COVID-19 outbreak.

For Self-employed or Small-Medium Enterprises you need to provide your business registration document and proof of documents that your business impacted from MCO / Locked Down in your country.

For applicants that detected positive COVID-19 & warded, you need to provide the proof of documents that shown positive / negative of COVID-19 results and the document that show the hospitalization details.

Duration Of Application Process

The application process that completes within 7 - 10 working days is subject to the approval. All applicants will receive result or notification through email ONLY.


Please note that DUREF reserves the right to decide the final amount of assistance based on the documentation submitted or to reject an application that does not meet the requirements. Only DDK Stakeholders that have expertise and understanding of utilization of Global Exchanger for liquidating purposes are allowed and eligible for this assistance. Decision made by DUREF together with DDK Foundation is final and binding.

To your knowledge, in case you do not receive this email in your ‘Inbox’, please check the ‘Spam’ folder in your email.

Click on this Link to apply